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Welcome to our web site!
TSVC Ltd have been in business since 1993, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality service and products. We have built up a good reputation for providing a high quality transportation service and for dealing in and building high quality cars. Due to the small scale in which we operate, we are able to provide a personal and professional service.
Using the best equipment available on the market, we are superbly equipped to transport cherished vehicles around the UK and into Europe, inside a secure and enclosed single vehicle trailer. Our emphasis is providing a personal and professional service.
We specialise in Classic, Vintage, Performance and Race cars, but also use our skills on dealership and personal vehicles. Recent vehicles transported
We stock a small number of classic & collectable cars and take great pride in how these cars are presented and the quality of any restoration work that we may have arranged or performed to them. We work hard on obtaining the history of the vehicle and have them independantly assessed by specialists of their particular marque. The cars have been driven by ourselves to indentify any issues and are freshly serviced when presented for sale.

As we trade only in a minimal number of cars, we are particular over which cars we select for our stock. All our cars have a good service history, are carefully checked over, have genuine low mileages and have been well cared for. We drive most of the stock for a few days to identify any issues before advertising.
Our emphasis is quality. Being such a small business, our reputation rides on every transaction we undertake.

Using our experience of building our own track cars, we offer a service for the construction of kit cars to your specification and engine requirements, or the remodelling of a production car, within the MSA Blue Book boundaries, to be more competitve. Alternatively, we can project manage construction of your car using various specialists across the country.

We are able to offer local car traders, high quality cars to fill gaps on their forecourts whilst they restock. An empty forecourt spot gives an impression of low stock and has no potential to bring in revenue. Sell our vehicle whilst on the forecourt and earn commission - easy!






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