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What is a car transport service

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  • 13-01-2021
What is a car transport service

A car transport service is what a car shipping business offers to its clients and customers. An auto shipping company's maximum benefit is cars and vehicles' transportation from one town or city to another. Car transport services will even move vehicles and cars from one country to another, using a car carrier. 

What's the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car?

There are two main transport methods for moving cars: You can have your vehicle transported on a trailer by a professional business or driven by a professional trade plate driver services. 

Having your vehicle driven by a professional trade plate driver is often the cheapest method; however, it involves adding extra mileage to moving your car. Your vehicle will require a valid MOT. Your vehicle does not need registration or tax. 

A registered trade plate driver can drive it; this method is where a special registration plate is displayed over the vehicle's existing number plates whilst being driven by a professional driver.

What is a car transport service

With trailered car transporting there are several different options. Single car transporters can only carry one car at a time, so tend to be more expensive to use. A multicar transporter can move several cars at a time, which keeps vehicle transportation prices down and is convenient if your car is not roadworthy, running, or not road legal.

If you want to move a classic or luxury car, you may prefer to use an enclosed or covered service. This transportation service is one of the safest as the vehicle is protected from all the elements, including weather and possible damages from stones and debris on the road. Your car is also kept hidden from view. Transporting classic or luxury vehicles can cost more as these trailers and transporters tend only to carry one or two cars at a time. 

What's the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car?

If moving a vehicle overseas, car shipping companies specialise in this and have longstanding relationships with large freight liners to transport your vehicle by sea. These transport companies can advise you on the required procedures and shipping documentation you will need, and often they will help you complete the correct documents. Regardless of how you decide to have your car transported, it is best practice to verify that the transporter's insurance level is sufficient for your vehicle's value. You should also check your own personal car insurance policy is in order, and your car is still insured for a 3rd party to transport it. 

What to Expect From Your Car Delivery Service?

Once you have done your research, you will want to know precisely what delivery service each business offer, before making a final decision. One of the main questions you want answering is how the car transport business charges. A car transport company will calculate prices, including distance, depending on how far your vehicle is being transported, it can vary depending on the route the deliveries company will take. Other factors include the type of car you're having shipped, several vehicles, and if this requires a larger car delivery transporter class to move them. It is essential to know what you will be paying for in advance, so there are no surprises on delivery completion. 

What to Expect From Your Car Delivery Service?

The transport company should have all the correct documentation, be fully insured and legally covered to transport your car. If they are not you would not be legally protected should anything unforeseen happen. The transportation business should be able to give you an estimated time for deliveries. Most car delivery collection companies have a tracking system and will keep you updated with any delays. 

You can expect the transportation delivery company to conduct a pre-journey collection and delivery check to ensure the car had arrived in the same condition as when it left. It is a good idea to find a vehicle delivery service company wh holds a Car Transport Association membership to give you extra peace of mind. They represent companies and individuals that provide car transportation services across Europe and within the UK.

Two Main Methods of Car Transportation

Essentially, there are two transportation methods when organising a vehicle delivery in Europe or the UK; either by having your car driven or by a trailer.  If your vehicle is road legal, having a professional car delivery driver's to collect the car and drive it to your destination is often the cheapest method. The car is delivered using the transport companies trade plates, which means a vehicle with a current MoT, unregistered and without road tax can be driven on the public roads by what is called in the industry as a 'trade plater'.

If you've got several cars for delivery, or the vehicle isn't legal or roadworthy, you might well find that a cost-effective solution is using a car transporter service. The types of car transporters will vary from single car transporters which can carry 99% of models and makes of cars. Because of their size, they can navigate alleyways, country roads and driveways with ease to those capable of carrying multiple vehicles. 

The prices will also vary according to the kind of vehicle delivery services you need. These transporters range from a flatbed open trailer suitable for one car to covered vehicles for the classic and luxury car end of the market, such as classic car transporter.

Two Main Methods of Car Transportation
Methods of Car Transportation

For the transportation of classic and luxury cars, you might prefer an enclosed transporter. Your vehicle kept away from prying eyes and protected from the elements. Unique cars require a special kind of transportation. If you have a high-value car or a cherished one, the thought of it being open to the elements for a long journey might be too much to imagine. But there is no need to panic, for the sake of paying a little more your prized vehicle can travel safely in an enclosed transporter, with an experienced and highly professional driver.

Many car transportation companies also operate two car transporters, which allows them to undertake jobs that involve transporting two cars. It also enables them to perform a more cost-effective service if two separate movements are needed in the same area. Multicar transporters are ideal for companies, traders and some individuals who require several vehicles transporting simultaneously. 

Car Transport with Professionals

There are many reasons why you might require a car transport company. Whatever your reasons, the type of vehicle and your budget will dictate how you will want to transport it. For instance, if your car is being scrapped, you will enjoy the cheapest quotes possible. However, most scrap car companies will use their vehicle to transport your vehicle. 

If you own a car prototype, racing car, luxury sports car or a prestige car. You will want the car shipping company to be as discreet as possible in a secured covered transporter. Ensure the company you choose has excellent credentials, and a for extra peace of mind are members of the Car Transport Association.

What are the Costs of Car Transportation?

Car transportation quotes vary from company to company. The cost of transporting a car depends on the length of the journey, if you require one or more vehicles to be transported and if you want an open flatbed transporter or an enclosed, secure transporter. It is worth getting several quotes and comparing each company with your needs and requirements. 

Car Shipping

The most expensive but most secure car shipping option is by using either a 20ft or 40ft shipping container services. However, some vehicle transport companies can reduce costs by fitting up to 5 cars in one shipping container. 

Another less expensive option is (RORO) 'roll-on / roll-off', where your vehicle is driven directly onto the freight liner and secured on the deck or below away from the elements.

Getting Your Car Transportation Quotes

When you have the date you want your car transported, make sure you check companies in your area, find out exactly what they have to offer and what costs they charge, compare several companies and get as many quotes as you can. 

Using UK Car Transportation Companies

If you are based in within the UK, it is easy to find a local car transportation company that ship locally, nationally and internationally. You will be able to directly speak to the company, check out their credentials and professionalism, and the logistics involved. 

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