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What makes a classic car

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  • 15-04-2021
What makes a classic car

Are you wondering what makes a classic car? When is an older car considered to be classic and what factors are car enthusiasts looking for? Read More.

When does an old car become a classic car? 

There are a few variations to what people believe for what makes a car a classic. Finding a proper answer to whether an old car becomes a classic status car is complicated as many have different views on this subject. Many would suggest that a classic car has a timeless design, nostalgic or technological value. 

If you are basing a car being a classic from a car road tax exemption, then any car aged 40 years old or more is a classic car. If you want to ask insurance providers about their idea of what makes a classic car, they would probably give different views.

If you decide to ask HMRC to define what makes a vehicle a classic car, it's any vehicle at least 15 years old and has a minimum value of £15,000.

What’s the difference between veteran, vintage, post vintage, and classic cars?

Understanding the difference between veteran, vintage, post vintage, and classic cars can be easy. 

A veteran car is any vehicle that was created before 1904. However, it is more commonly considered to be any vehicle manufactured before 1919. One example of a veteran car made before 1904 is the Renault Voiturette, as this car was manufactured between 1898 to 1903. 

A vintage car is any vehicle that was created between 1919 to 1930. An example of a vintage car made between 1919 to 1930 was Rolls Royce Phantom II, as this vintage car was manufactured in 1929.

A post vintage car is anything that is made between 1930 and 1945. The 1935 Talbot 65 was manufactured in 1935. 

A classic car has some difference in opinion on what makes a vehicle a classic, but anything desired by people but isn't in production anymore. For example the Lotus Elan. The first series was manufactured between 1962 to 1975, and the second series model was made between 1989 to 1995. 

What makes a classic car?

Value of Car Nostalgia

Many car models have been considered classics due to nostalgic reasons such as fond memories like childhood. The buyers or owners of a classic car do not have to be from the same era that the vehicle is for them to appreciate it. Having someone who appreciates the time period helps with the car's appeal. 

Car Design

With enthusiasts, the looks of the car can go a long way for them. In most cases, the looks of the vehicle are more important than what is inside the car. Having a strange or unique design to the car can definitely help a car become a classic over time.

Cultural Impact

Although many cars have been considered classics due to nostalgia, others are considered classics due to their impact on culture. Many things like fashion trends, tv-series, and popular films have our thoughts and opinion s on cars. These have a strong effect on which classic cars will be decided in the future. For example, the DeLorean car from Back To The Future has left a strong impression on certain people.

Tangible Features

A few factors can decide whether a car is classed as a classic for some people. For example, the thrill of the ride or the sound that the engine makes, or the feel of the steering wheel. These things can be essential for many, especially for those who are feeling nostalgic about the vehicle. 

Many enthusiasts start by taking the cars for a ride beforehand to know everything is okay and get a feel for what it is like. 

How do I transport a classic car?

Transporting a classic car can be difficult, especially if you want to keep it clean and in good condition, whether you are keeping the car for yourself or taking it to shows across the country. 

The best way to transport your classic car is too safe from other vehicles on the road to reduce accidents like dents, scratches, or full-on collision. Limiting the mileage that you are doing on your classic car is essential to reducing wear and tear spots on the vehicle.

Many in the transport market world have prided themselves on providing the best services they have dealt with by expert drivers for the transportation and car handlers who have experience looking after various types of classic vehicles. 

There are a few things that you need to know before you transport your classic car. 

For the journey between destinations, ensure you are using a company that uses covered trailers for the classic car. Using a covered trailer for transporting the classic car will reduce the vehicle's chance of getting damaged as vehicles in open trailers have been known to get damaged while on the road.

The driver who will be transporting your classic car should have the correct operator's licence for the job. Having the right licence is essential for the insurance companies as they insist on this to be done. If the driver does not have the correct licence, this might affect your classic car insurance.

The reputation of the transport company you will be using to transport your classic car is also important. You can check with other enthusiast friends or car club members to ensure you are using someone you can trust. They may also have some better recommendations for the transport company to use instead of your current option. 

Have a clear and thorough check of your vehicle before you have it transported. Having the check done on your car allows you to compare any damage you might find to what you had on record beforehand. With the checks being done, this means you can challenge any new damages that come up with evidence from before and after the transportation.

Understanding and being fully aware of the transport companies insurance policy is essential. The policy should include the insurance policy should consist of any damage created in transit and any exclusions to this policy if needed. Understanding and being fully aware of the transport companies insurance policy is essential. The policy should include the insurance policy should consist of any damage created in transit and any exclusions to this policy if needed. 

Never choose the transport company solely or primarily on price alone. This price will not always reflect what you need, even if you have a budget to keep to ensure that you are getting what you need and having your vehicle in the hands of someone you can trust.  

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