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Why choose covered Car Transport

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Why choose covered Car Transport

There is a range of reasons that you might need a knowledgeable car transporter. Does your vehicle need to arrive at its destination in immaculate condition? If so, then using covered car transport is the only way to ensure that it does not reach its destination covered in dust and dirt.

Reasons to Invest in covered Car Transport

Many car enthusiasts like to take their vehicles to car shows epecially vintage or classic sports cars.

If you want to transfer your car to one of these venues we understand it must arrive in immaculate condition. You might have purchased or sold a car online. You might be a garage preparing car transport for a client. Perhaps you're setting up car transportation for a track day, or you've merely bought a car at auction.

Extra security

Covered car transporters reduce the risk of anyone knowing what you are transporting, and provides an extra layer of security from theft was this to be attempted. Covered car transport otherwise know as enclosed car transport has many benefits and also helps to safeguard your vehicle in the event of an accident while it is on the route.

It doesn't matter whether you are the proud owner of a luxury car,  a car going through the restoration process or a prototype vehicle, We understand how precious your vehicle is to you and the importance of having it delivered safely and securely to its destination.

Improved protection

If you have partially restored vehicle and you are moving it to a specialist, it is best to choose covered car transport as you will not want to spoil or contaminate any of your refurbished parts or bodywork.

Covered car transport will also protect your vehicle from the elements, and will fully protect the car from changing weather conditions; open-top cars especially will not run the risk of damage to their interiors. Although even closed topped cars can become weather damaged if transported in an uncovered vehicle transporter.

The chance of debris blowing into your car during high winds is increased, risking damage to paintwork and windows. Small debris could enter engines and exhaust pipes, potentially causing unseen damage to the vehicle if you used an uncovered car transporter. 

Your car is also wholly sheltered from rain, sleet or snow. Oxidisation and rust are huge problems with any vehicle, significantly damaging components and having a drastic impact on your car. An enclosed car transporter dramatically reduces these risks.

Arrive in perfect condition

Your vehicle will arrive in a protected trailer, which means that your classic vehicle will get to you or its destination in perfect condition. It is also about providing high-quality customer service, attention to detail and hiring the right people who take pride in their roles and use their discretion at all times. From collection to destination.

Perhaps you have purchased a new car as a surprise gift for a loved one, and our enclosed car transporter provides the perfect element of surprise until the very last minute when the rear doors unfasten, and the gift of the cars revealed.


Covered car transport also protects your precious car from any prying eyes, while you are not with it. Car owners can always ensure maximum privacy and anonymity when moving their vehicles. Our team will ensure your car will arrive at its destination in perfect condition and on time.

Our car transportation service

TSVC Ltd combines experience, technology and excellent client service. We offer the ideal solution within your reach.

When you use our solution, you are putting your car into safe hands, coupled with our professional drivers means that you can be sure that your vehicle will is treated with the same level of care and respect that you show it.

Even if you drive your car regularly, it is still worth keeping unnecessary extra miles off of its total mileage to preserve the engine for longer and to protect its resale value too.

The investment you make in hiring covered car transport for your car will pay off in the long term by preventing expensive maintenance and depreciation of value.

Whatever your needs or requirements, we can help. The type of car and your spending plan will undoubtedly dictate just how you'll wish to transport it.

  • We specialise in vehicle transport

  • Genuine individuals, you can speak to on the phone

  • Efficiently moving vehicles for over ten years

  • Instantaneous quotes and most excellent market value

  • Hundreds of cars delivered yearly

  • All providers are completely insured 

An additional thing to consider is how you desire your car delivered. For deliveries within the UK, there are two alternatives.

The cheapest is to have the car driven to its destination by the transportation company. Car transportation experts have the experience, Insurance and plates to do this for you.

The second option is to have the car carried by trailer. A committed trailer is an extra pricey alternative but is excellent for urgent deliveries.

Why Choose us?

TSVC founded in 1993. We have been providing clients with excellent care services ever since. We take pride in providing clients with the highest quality, affordable bespoke service designed with you in mind and our range of products.

Since founded, TSVC Ltd has built up an excellent reputation for providing a personal and professional service to our customers, whether it be classic car transportation or restoration services. Our covered car transport protects your investment during its delivery to the required destination.

Our fleet of specialised fully enclosed transport vehicles can deliver your car anywhere throughout the UK and Europe. We specialise in Vintage, Classic and performance cars but can transport dealership and personal cars as well.

Our Insurance includes Road Risk & Goods In Transit up to £200k. This total is increased as required. We also offer 3rd Party Indemnity of £5m, Public Liability of £2m and Trade Plate & Trailer insurances.

Still undecided? Please contact us today for a chat with our team about your car and your complete transport requirements. We're sure we can help and if not we'll always offer you the best information and advice.

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